• We will not teach your customers how to create support tickets, but your team will see all emails needed to handle the issues
  • We will not train your team how to use a new application, but they will not need to reiterate the same questions and confuse clients
  • We will not ask you to set up a Help Desk or CRM solution, but the information will not end up lost in someone's inbox

We will keep Gmail inboxes of your teams in sync and nothing else because you already know how to handle your business.

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Use Cases

Imagine company Mr. & Mrs. Smith Co. and two people Jane and John who run this company together. They use G Suite for business communications and receive all customer requests on support@ address that they configured and made public.

Case 1: Eddie contacts the company

Eddie sends a message to support@ address and both Jane and John see it in their GMail inboxes.

How do they know that one of them replied to Eddie's email?

One of them needs to talk to another one or send a message and discuss Eddie's issue. Meanwhile, Eddie will be waiting for their reply.

Case 2: John replies Eddie

John added support group address to Send mail as accounts and selected Reply from the same address the message was sent to option. Thus, he replies Eddie from support@ address.

How does Jane know what was in John's message?

She only will see a copy of John's email in Eddie's reply if he decides to reply.

Case 3: Jane follows-up

Jane sees that discussion goes in a wrong vein and decides to straighten things up. However, she isn't a techie and didn't bother to configure Send mail as options. She replies from her address jane@.

The discussion continues to go between Eddie and Jane only.

How does John know what they talk about?

Jane needs to keep adding him as Bcc or forward him messages.

We believe in the above cases you have noticed many real situations that you face every day in your business. We have met them too and came up with an idea of service that monitors user inboxes and copies messages from support@ and sales@ threads to all members of the support and sales groups. Try it yourself!


We do not have a free version, but we give you a 1-month free trial. Canceling can be done easily by removing CC:support@all app from G Suite Admin console.

21 days before and till the end of the expiration date you will start to see the yellow subscription reminder, but the service will continue to synchronize emails. If you decide to pay for the one-year subscription, your subscription term will begin from the expiration date. Thus, you will enjoy free days of service even if you pay from the very first day.

After 1-month free trial you will see the red subscription reminder, and we will stop synchronization of emails. If you decide to pay for the one-year subscription, your subscription term will begin from the payment date.

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  • Term 1 year
  • Groups 1-5
  • Members 2-10
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  • Term 1 year
  • Groups > 5
  • Members > 10
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