Get Started

We hope you will like [email protected] app because it doesn't require extra training or special knowledge. After installation and simple configuration, you will forget about team email synchronization issues. Team members send and receive emails using their favorite email clients as usual, and the app does all synchronization work in background.

Table of Contents


  1. Sign-in to G Suite Admin console either at G Suite main page or at Admin console page:
    1. Type the email of your G Suite account administrator account:
    2. Select Organizational G Suite Account type:
    3. Type your account password and click the Sign in button:
  2. On the Admin Console page click the Apps icon (see the red arrow):
  3. On the Apps page click the Marketplace apps card (see the red arrow):
  4. On the Marketplace apps page click the Add services to your domain link (at the middle of the page):
  5. Type [email protected] in the search field of the G Suite Marketplace dialog:
  6. Click the [email protected] card to open the application page:
  7. Follow the installation steps:
    1. On the application page click the Domain Install button:
    2. In the Domain-wide install dialog click the Continue button:
    3. In the popup check the I agree to the application's... checkbox and click the Agree button:
    4. Click the Done button:


  1. Launch the application from the G Suite marketplace application page: or from the Admin Console: or click this link.
  2. On the application configuration page select email groups to synchronize and history depth*: * by default [email protected] synchronizes only new messages of the email group, but setting the history depth copies group messages between group members up to one year back. Don't forget to choose the history depth before checking the synchronize checkbox.


Every time someone replies to a message sent to the group’s address:

All members of the group receive a copy of email in the thread:

Even if the external correspondent writes to the personal address of the team member: