Why OfficeToolTips Blog Ditched Disqus Comments

Jul 24 2019

We started the OfficeToolTips blog ten years ago, and Disqus was a natural choice then. This commenting system was easy to set up, and it was free. Users needed to register only once in Disqus and use it everywhere over the Internet. We had to switch to the premium plan after 2017 when they started to put ads into the comments section, but the premium version wasn't different from the free one. This year, we completely removed Disqus comments and replaced it with the system that brings more value to our readers and us.

Disqus Comments

Many people complain about the performance costs of the Disqus comments system and promote other alternatives:

However, we weren't affected by performance issues. Page bloating is a real issue for mobile users, but most of our visitors are desktop users, and they don't even notice this extra payload. The actual problem is user engagement:

At some point, we were tired of fighting with bad comments and advertising posts. We wondered how to help our visitors solve their problems, and came to a straightforward solution. We added the email contact form Ask a Question to every article:

Ask a Question

This form is a simple client/server script that posts user question to our support group on Gmail. We only need to click the Reply button in Gmail to start the conversation with the visitor.

Now, we have 1-2 questions per day from people that need help and no rude or inappropriate comments at all. In some cases, they need a link to our article. In other cases, we create new content that helps them and attracts new visitors.

Why such a simple idea works brilliantly well for us and will work for you?

Our experience with the Ask a Question form was so successful that we decided to create a service [email protected] that synchronizes all support group incoming and outgoing messages between team members. However, you can use it only if you have a GSuite subscription.

Those who still believe in the power of comments need to try the Shut Up plugin for Chrome for one week. The Web becomes a better place if you see only the opinions of people who have spent enough time to elaborate on their thoughts.