Nov 07 2019

How to share Gmail inbox among GSuite users

Many companies create one shared Gmail inbox (e.g., [email protected], [email protected], etc.), and hand over the login credentials to multiple employees, who log in from different computers and answer emails in parallel. One account with a shared user and password leads to collisions between company employees, inefficiency, and lack of ownership. Moreover, if multiple users frequently access the same account from different locations, there is a risk of a temporary lockdown. You should use GSuite shared groups instead and other collaboration features.

Jul 24 2019

Why OfficeToolTips Blog Ditched Disqus Comments

We started the OfficeToolTips blog ten years ago, and Disqus was a natural choice then. This commenting system was easy to set up, and it was free. Users needed to register only once in Disqus and use it everywhere over the Internet. We had to switch to the premium plan after 2017 when they started to put ads into the comments section, but the premium version wasn't different from the free one. This year, we completely removed Disqus comments and replaced it with the system that brings more value to our readers and us.