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share incoming/outgoing emails in Gmail groups to sync support, sales, and development teams work

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What is [email protected]

[email protected] is a server-side G Suite application for Gmail business customers. It works on the Google Cloud Platform and requires zero-configuration by the organization users. The administrator of the G Suite organization account installs the app from the marketplace and enables the automatic synchronization of email groups.

  • It monitors the Gmail inboxes of the members of auto-synchronized groups in the background.
  • It searches for incoming/outgoing emails to/from the auto-synchronized email group address.
  • It finds which members of the email group need a copy of the message.
  • It copies the email message to another member Gmail inbox if needed.

No more CC, BCC, or forwarding for keeping up to date support, sales, and development communications!

Use Cases

Jane and John both own a company called Mr. & Mrs. Smith Co. They both need to communicate with customers. All customer requests come through a Gmail group address [email protected], which delivers them to Jane's and John's inboxes.

How does [email protected] help them to run their business?

Case 1: Customer contacts the company

A customer sends a message to Gmail delivers the customer's email to Jane and John's inboxes, but neither knows if the other took the customer request.

[email protected] eliminates this uncertainty: if Jane and John see that an unanswered email, then they know that this is an open issue, and one of them must take the lead.

Case 2: John replies the customer

John replies to the customer from the [email protected] address, but he also needs to inform his co-workers because they do not see his replies. The problem is that Gmail permits to send messages from the group address listed in the Send mail as field but does not send a copy to the rest of the group. Members of the group only see incoming emails to the group address but not the responses.

[email protected] solves this problem: If Jane, John, or another team member sends an email from the address, all members of the support group will receive a copy.

Case 3: Jane follows-up

The customer sends another message in the same thread. This time Jane picks up the conversation. She replies directly from her [email protected] address. However, these communications only continue between Jane and the customer as the other team members do not receive copies of these messages.

[email protected] shares all messages with the team: if Jane, John, or another member engage in such discussions, all members of the support group will receive copies of incoming/outgoing emails.


Small Business


  • Term 1 year
  • Groups 1-5
  • Members 2-10
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  • Term 1 year
  • Groups > 5
  • Members > 10
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We do not have a free version, but we give you a 1-month free trial. Canceling can be done easily by removing [email protected] app from G Suite Admin console.

21 days before and till the end of the expiration date you will start to see the yellow subscription reminder, but the service will continue to synchronize emails. If you decide to pay for the one-year subscription, your subscription term will begin from the expiration date. Thus, you will enjoy free days of service even if you pay from the very first day.

After 1-month free trial you will see the red subscription reminder, and we will stop synchronization of emails. If you decide to pay for the one-year subscription, your subscription term will begin from the payment date.